Wieland and Wieland SRL. (WWieland) shows the hidden opportunities of conscious development for leaders, developers and training professionals with a wide perspective, and the intention for increasingthe efficiency of their organization, Not only do we offer efficient development methods for individuals and groups, but we also show with the support of our professional products, how it is possible to makethe cooperation of groups even more successful by using visualization and facilitation techniques.

Our methods make people even more committed by raising emotions. They will be able to transfer their meetings and trainings into more dynamic and interactive positive perspective. As we have gained more than two decades of experience of working with groups, we are able to provide tailored solutions. We support groups to make everyday decisions more conscious and to keep them in line with their goals. (www.facilitator.hu).

Our mission:

Our mission at WWieland is to achieve a higher levelof consciousness of people. Our aim is to give useful knowledge and accessories to our customers, that can be applied efficiently in coordinating daily work-procedures. We wish to show the direction with our tools andmethods, that enhance cooperation and the development of individuals and groups becomes more efficient.

The benefits we provide:

Initiating new approaches: middle and top manager faces several tasks to be solved day by day. These can only be managed efficiently if there is support from the team, which has the same attitude and which can identify with the company culture. The new attitude will contribute to fast and efficientproblem solving.

Confidence: by using our training tools and efficient methods, which give confidence to developers, leaders, speakers, as they can be sure of having tailored methods, high quality tested products with a long-life span. All complementing each other, stimulating the intellectual innovation.

Acknowledgement: the efficient problem management and the decisions making based on sound knowledge, convince colleagues and business partners, that even more complex issues can be handled in a productive way.

Being committed: our customers commit people around them by using our tools and methods, which create a mutual commitment.


In Germany, Neuland® products are synonymous with quality and uniqueness for decades. Year over year many more customers from around the globe are also discovering the same. This is why we have become their official distributor-partner in Romania and Hungary by offering these beautifully designed, very practical, ergonomic, high-quality products with a long-life span.

So the theory, the practice, and the accessories are available for YOU as well, already in Romania!

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