Moderation Techniques Training

How to choose the right workshop method?

“I have more than 17 years’ experience to facilitate lots of workshops. When I started it seemed very easy to answer this question because I had only one methodology in my hand. So, I used my „hammer” as if every single situation would be a „nail”. Meanwhile I have learned and used lots of techniques and methodologies what can help to tackle the current issues and reach desired goals with the right approach. Although I was lucky with my first method because I had one which is very variable, versatile, well-structured and it is 5 in 1. It became my favourite one. This methodology is the Moderation techniques. Moderation prevents the group from being dominated by individuals, and also motivates the quiet shy group members to participate actively. It keeps the group away from hasty judging over ideas.

Moderation is a set of facilitation techniques:

  • Single dot question – for warm-up, raising interest to the topic, get impression.
  • Card question – for collection (ideas, aspects, alternatives etc.)
  • Multi-dot-question – for get a ranking.
  • Vernissage – for work out and evaluate solutions.
  • Action plan – for record actions of results

Techniques use lots of coloured cards in different shapes (rectangle, oval), black markers, sticky dots for rating, sticky symbols for evaluation (flash, hart, question mark etc.) flipcharts and pin boards which help us to have a working surface. These are helping us visualize all the ideas to create a common brain. The other aspect of this hands-on facilitation toolkit that it is an action-focused method what helps to activate the energy in the team and keep the frames.

The Moderation techniques was used by me to create vision, mission, values, strategy, design org charts and systems, problem solving, process development, shared learning etc.

I can say it is a multifunctional set to gain lots of tangible results.” – Veronika Wieland, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator

If you are interested in this method, please join us on this training!

Trainer: Veronika Wieland Certified™ Professional Facilitator – IAF - 2016. LinkedIN profile:

Target group: organization developers, trainers, teachers, moderators, facilitators, group leaders, project managers, SCRUM masters, Agile coaches

Those who would like to …

  • … improve workshop and meeting effectiveness.
  • … expand their methodological knowledge
  • … learn and practice well structured, result-oriented meeting techniques


  • Welcome, introduction
  • Self-experience the 5 techniques
  • Tools of moderation
  • Phases of result-oriented meeting, workshop
  • Preparation for group exercises
  • Practice moderation techniques
  • Closing

Fee: price offer upon request for an in-house training

    Fee includes:

    Maximum number of participants: 8

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