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Wwieland Academy
Wwieland Academy

This training is unique - Learning and lots and lots of practicing with in online environment.
The growing list of digital platforms and the widening possibilities provided by them can ensure a feasible solution for conscious organizations. But only if they are aware of the necessary preparation of those colleagues who would become the users of such platforms. Everything starts with the selection of the appropriate technology, then there might be an inhouse user guide available, or in some cases a cram-course and finally some people need to go beyond their depth.
It results frustration, complaints about the platforms and series of follow-up personal meetings. We compiled this training with lots of practices, ways for learning from each other, getting to know different tools and methods to encourage others’ involvement also to strengthen their commitment and last but not least to increase interactivity and commitment in the virtual space. Everything that is essential to have a successful online meeting.

Who is it for:

  • Project managers, team leaders, specialists etc. anybody working remote with groups on virtual platforms
  • Employees leading virtual meetings and workshops
  • Teams and organizations where emerged complex situation, conflict or change and they want to lead meaningful and result oriented discussions among members
  • Those, who wish to get immediately applicable knowledge and lasting support in order to enhance the efficiency of their virtual meetings

The training is aimed at:

  • giving knowledge, practice, experience to maximise the efficiency of online meetings and workshops
  • to get to know different virtual functions and platforms
  • to learn how to involve, to commit, to handle the virtual platforms and participants in the best possible way
  • to learn what the virtual space is suitable for and where its limitations and opportunities are
  • to provide the possibility for the participants of learning from each other on Practify platform

During the training we are continuously operating in the virtual space (Teams, Practify etc.)

Participants get to know the opportunities and barriers of virtual space. Learn useful approaches, applications and programs, hints and tips to facilitate result oriented and engaging virtual meetings and workshops.

The training lasts for 6 weeks covering 6 modules with blended learning methodology (mixing the virtual training room elements with video tutorials and follow ups on Practify online platform). 

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